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TENGRIDOME, Episode 17: Honor in Martial Arts

Episode Summary

People get into martial arts for many different reasons: for some it's just another way of staying in shape or getting fit, for others it's a lifelong passion that defines them as a person. Some people learn how to fight simply because they have to. However, there are certain stereotypes and common myths associated with martial arts, even to this day, that have snuck their way into MMA. Join Iggy as he dives deep into the idea of honour in martial arts and examines just how justified is the reverence many people tend to exhibit towards the art of fighting. To help him dissect this topic, he is joined by analysts Tommy Elliott and Julian Lung, both of whom have plenty of first-hand traditional martial arts and combat sports experience to provide qualified, in-depth input. This discussion was prompted by the following question from a discord patron @SunshineSprkl69: "Why are fight fans obsessed with this prelapsarian ideal of the humble warrior and the true martial artist?" If you have a question that you would like to hear being answered on an episode of Tengridome, join our discord for as little as 5$ per month! Doing so gives you access to all of our patreon-exclusive content, as well as our tightly-knit community where you get a direct line to our staff members and where you may converse with like-minded fight fans. Follow Iggy on Twitter: Follow Tommy on Twitter: Follow Julian on Twitter: Follow us on Twitter: Check out our written content on the website: Support us directly on Patreon for exclusive content and access to the discord: We now have exclusive merchandise at